Overview | Vampire Facelift & Facial

The Vampire Facelift is so named because this very special skin treatment involves drawing blood from the patient and injecting it into the face. Basically, blood serum is rich in growth factors that can enrich your skin very well. In Vampire facelift, the platelets are derived from the blood serum in the form of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and injected into facial skin using microneedles. The action? The skin stem cells are flushed with growth factors and are tricked into generating new cells, new collagen and new blood vessels. The result? An entire facelift with improved quality of skin, disappearance of scars and marks and a great glow.

Radiance's Approach

To Vampire Facelift & Facial

Radiance Clinic offers cutting-edge Vampire Facelift and Facial which is a highly advanced skin treatment followed even by celebrities. The process is carried out be experts certified in this kind of dermal treatments. At Radiance, the patient’s skin is first assessed as to whether the treatment will be ideal or not. Following the assessment, patient is prepared for the treatment and may be given a topical anesthesia. Vampire facelift involves drawing of blood from patient’s arm, preparation of the PRP from blood and injecting into targeted area of the face using small injections. This treatment starts showing the effect in 2-3 days and visibly reduces wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, dull or grey skin tone and acne scarring.

We At Radiance Approach Vampire Facelift & Facial With 3 Important Steps :


Our experts conduct a detailed study of the skin and hair condition and get to the root cause.


Customized treatment plan including advanced technology and services for every patient depending on the expert diagnosis.


Close monitoring of treatment progress along with guidance on the right diet, medications and hair care.
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