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    What is Hair Transplant?

    Hair loss and thinning hair are normal parts of aging, but they can also occur due to a medical condition or trauma to the scalp. Some people who experience hair loss may choose to have a hair transplant for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons.

    The hair transplant surgery may be a good option for people who have hair thinning and hair loss. It may not be a permanent solution to thinning hair, but for many people, it can help restore hair fullness and self-confidence.

    Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are transplanted from one region of the head which they will refer to as the donor area to another area where the hair is receding or thinning. The area of the scalp that is affected determines the number of follicular grafts that are needed to alter and recover hair growth. Hair transplant is a surgery that can be performed on both men and women experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or bald spots. Directly imported from Europe, the ‘Aesthetic Hair Implants- AHI’ technique utilized by Radiance Clinic in Raipur , is the most advanced surgical technique in hair reconstruction. The hair implanted through the AHI technique doesn’t require any medication to maintain the growth rate.

    There are two main types of hair transplant:

    • Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS). The surgeon will remove a strip of skin from the donor area and close the incision with stitches. They will then use a microscope to separate the donor skin into tiny follicular units that contain one or several hair follicles and insert these units into the desired area.
    • Follicular unit extraction (FUE). The surgeon will use a tiny punch tool to remove follicles from the donor area. Although this procedure will still lead to some scarring, it may be less noticeable, and the person will not usually require stitches.

    In most cases, surgeons use the side or back of the head as the donor area. However, taking skin from the chin, back, or chest can also prove effective. Using body hair may be helpful for people who do not have thick hair on the back or sides of their head. taking body or beard hair is more time consuming and requires more skill than using scalp hair. However, the body and beard can be an “excellent source” of donor hair for hair transplants.

    Each procedure takes several hours, depending on how many follicles the surgeon implants, and both involve a local anesthetic. Usually, a person will be able to go home on the day of the treatment.

    How Hair Treatment is done at Radiance Clinic

    Available at the Radiance Clinic in Raipur , the ‘Aesthetic Hair Implants- AHI’ technique is performed by experts using a patented mechanised extractor which punches tiny holes of 0.5 – 0.8 mm diameter, and is capable to graft approximately 3000 – 5000 hair grafts in one session. It is a technologically advanced procedure where the extraction and implantation of hair follicles leave minimal to no linear scarring. You can get the whole operation done in just one sitting, and the transplanted hair can be cut or trimmed routinely after full growth. The technique has minimal side-effects and is best for people who want to experience healthy and luscious locks.

    Care after hair transplant

    In most cases, a person will have thicker-looking hair after a successful hair transplant. However, they may continue to experience hair thinning and loss after the procedure, which can give the hair an unnatural or patchy appearance. For longer lasting results, people may require follow-up transplants.

     there is a chance that some of the transplanted hair follicles will not “take.” These follicles die, and no new hair grows in their place.

    For the best results, a person should follow their surgeon’s post-procedure instructions. Doing this will increase their chances of a successful hair transplant. A person may need to avoid strenuous activity and exercise for several weeks. They may also need to wait a few days before washing their hair.

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