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    Pimple Treatment

    Overview | Pimple Treatment

    Pimples, or acne, is a common problem in men and women alike. The onset of acne is usually during the teens, which is the adolescent phase when bodies undergo hormonal changes. However, acne can affect people at any age. People with oily skin are commonly the sufferers as sebaceous glands in the skin get clogged due to which they appear as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, etc. Ranging from medications and hormone therapy that address the root cause to skin polishing to laser therapy for the visible acne, acne treatment too see a great variety based on the type of acne.

    Radiance's Approach

    To Pimple Treatment

    Pimples or acne can mar a beautiful face and be a cause of embarrassment to the sufferer. At Radiance Clinic, we understand how physically and mentally painful acne can be and offer the most advanced treatments to control it. Treatments begin with diagnosis of the type of acne and the main cause. Treatment plan addresses the root issue as well as removal of already formed acne. At Radiance Clinic, our experts prescribe topical or oral medications or hormonal therapy, especially in the case of women. Apart from medications, physical treatments like chemical peels, skin polishing, laser treatment, blue light therapy, cryoslush and many other state-of-art, modern technology are performed in the safest and most effective way.

    We At Radiance Approach Pimple Treatment in Nagpur With 3 Important Steps :


    Our experts conduct a detailed study of the skin and hair condition and get to the root cause.


    Customized treatment plan including advanced technology and services for every patient depending on the expert diagnosis.


    Close monitoring of treatment progress along with guidance on the right diet, medications and hair care.
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