Overview | Pigmentation Removal

Skin Pigmentation Removal by means of using laser is a highly successful technique. Pigmentation generally occurs due to build up of melanin under the skin on different parts of the body. Unwanted pigmentation in the form of freckles, sun spots and age spots may be a cause of distress. Laser pigmentation removal is a quick, non-invasive procedure that doesn’t affect surrounding skin or lighten the skin color. It is very safe and is not very painful. The treatment is effective in removing up to 80% of pigmentation in one sitting. Hence, 1-3 treatments are effective in removing pigmentation.

Radiance's Approach

To Pigmentation Removal

At Radiance Clinic, state-of-the-art lasers to perform skin pigmentation removal are used. Pigmentation profile of the patient is assessed completely and treatment is then planned. During treatment, the laser is focused onto the site of pigmentation, which then leads to absorption of the light, by melanin that is the root cause of pigmentation. The melanin is then drawn to the surface of the skin by virtue of attraction to the laser without harming other tissue. After the treatment, the spot turns dark and falls off eventually as a dark, dry scab revealing clear skin underneath. The process is pretty much painless and quick results can be observed.

We At Radiance Approach Pigmentation Removal With 3 Important Steps :


Our experts conduct a detailed study of the skin and hair condition and get to the root cause.


Customized treatment plan including advanced technology and services for every patient depending on the expert diagnosis.


Close monitoring of treatment progress along with guidance on the right diet, medications and hair care.
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