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    Hydra Facial In Nagpur

    What is Hydra Facial Treatment?

    A HydraFacial treatment is performed by either a license dermatologist. The procedure is completed into three parts:Your provider uses a vortex-like wand against your body to help clear away dirt and oil from deep in your pores.

    They also use a peel to help exfoliate and resurface your skin.
    Your provider uses a vacuum-like attachment on the wand to help extract debris from your pores.
    Your provider uses a pen-like attachment to apply a moisturizing serum with antioxidants.

    What are the Benefit of Hydra Facial?

    • Works on all skin types. Whether you have sensitive skin or acne, dry or oily skin, HydraFacial will work for you.
    • Consistent outcomes. Since much of the treatment is controlled by HydraFacial technology, you can achieve a consistently high-quality treatment every time.
    • No downtime. Another reason people love HydraFacial is that there is no downtime. You can even apply makeup that same day if you’d like to—though most people enjoy the glow from the treatment too much to cover it up.
    • Immediate results. Because the treatment is non-invasive, you can see positive results right away. We even recommend it before weddings or events for a luminous, healthy glow.

    What types of procedures do hydraFacial perform?

    A HydraFacial is a cosmetic procedure that uses special devices to cleanse and hydrate your skin. It usually uses patented technology to clean the pores and get rid of the skin’s dead skin cells.
    The treatment starts with loosening and opening the pores and then prepping the skin using a mix of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and several botanical ingredients for better cleansing.

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