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    Wart/Mole Removal

    While some moles are considered beauty spots, some may be unsightly, making your face look unpleasant. Moles as…

    Vitiligo Surgery

    Vitiligo surgery is an effective method for treatment of white patches typical in this case. This surgery is highly advanced…

    Ear Lobe Repair

    Torn earlobes or split earlobes due to excessive use of heavy earrings or other reasons is easily repaired by a quick cosmetic surgery….

    Scar Revision

    Treatment of unappealing scars due to injury or surgery is a heavily sought after cosmetic surgery. There are great numbers…

    Vampire Facelift & Facial

    The Vampire Facelift is so named because this very special skin treatment involves drawing blood from the patient and injecting…

    Other Surgery

    A wide variety of procedures to repair damaged tissue are covered under reconstructive surgeries. Tissue damage could be…
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