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    The laser carbon peel is a fast and painless procedure done to help improve the look of skin. Laser carbon peels can refresh and improve the look of skin, and they’re best for people with oily skin, enlarged pores, and acne. People who have minor wrinkling and photoaging may also benefit from this treatment. Laser carbon peels are painless, and require no recovery time. Other than mild and temporary redness, there are no reported side effects.

    Laser carbon peels are used to treat:

    • acne
    • acne pigmentation
    • acne scarring
    • enlarged and clogged pores
    • melasma
    • photoaging
    • fine lines and wrinkles


    • Your skin gets instantly brightened.
    • You feel that your pores are minimized comparatively.
    • Carbon peel results in exfoliation of skin thereby giving you freedom from dead skin cells.
    • Secretion of oil from pores also gets regulated and less oil secretion results in less occurrence of acne.
    • Significant reduction in whiteheads and blackheads.

    The Carbon Peel Facial works to restore skin balance. It provides an even skin glow with perfect texture and complexion. The strong point of the procedure is that as the treated skin regenerates, the appearance of uneven skin, dark or age spots and pigment are visibly dwindled and more uniform in texture. Along with carbon particles, carbon laser peel also destroys blackheads and dead skin cells that usually get absorbed by the carbon. As a result of exfoliation, you can experience smoother and radiant skin with an even tone and reduced pore size.


    The Carbon Peel treatment begins by applying a layer of activated carbon applied to the entire face. The black-colored cream serves as an exogenous artificial chromophore or photo-enhancer, to increase the laser’s photothermal and photoacoustic effects on the treatment area.
    Once the cream penetrates the pores, the laser is passed over the carbon layer which heats and destroys the carbon particles on the surface of the skin and within the pores, achieving a deep skin resurfacing effect and immediate skin smoothing.
    The following reason for your carbon peel treatment.
    • Dark pigments on the skin.
    • Freckles and blemishes.
    • Sagging skin.
    • Skin textural irregularities.
    • Appearance of limes, folds and fine lines on your skin.
    • Acne scars or any post-surgical scars.
    • Enlarged pores.
    • Stretch marks
    These are a few changes that can be noticed:
    1. Reduced Acne
    2. Radiant Skin
    3. Reduced Pore Size
    4. Increased Skin Renewal
    5. Even Skin Tone and Texture

    There are several benefits of Carbon Peel Treatment. Some of them are:

    1. Cleansing: Carbon absorbs oil from the deep pores of the skin. The laser beam targets the affected area to destroy the carbon particles. This helps to take off the absorbed material with it.
    2. Rejuvenating: Carbon Peel also helps to stimulate collagen production under a deep layer of the skin, which produces plumper skin, reduces wrinkles, and leaves it tighter and glowing.
    3. Exfoliating: Since the carbon is passed by a laser, it clears the dead skin cells, blackheads, and drastically exfoliates the skin. The results leave the skin softer, radiant with significantly reduced pore size.
    4. Oil Reduction and Acne: The heat released by laser has two additional benefits. It reduces the bacteria that are responsible for acne, helping to improve the skin condition by better management of pimples and outbreaks, it also shrinks the size of oil producing glands, which helps in controlling acne.
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