Overview | Botox

One of the most well known cosmetic treatments, Botox treatment, is a popular anti-aging procedure for skin. Interestingly, it involves injection of Botox, a toxin produced by bacteria Clostridium botulinum into the skin. The Botox then blocks the nerves that stimulate muscle contraction, thus making the skin remain taut and lessening appearance of wrinkles or fine lines. The effects of Botox last for about three to four months but the duration may actually depend on several factors. Since Botox is otherwise a powerful poison, these treatments must only be done under a certified dermatologist.

Radiance's Approach

To Botox

Dermatologists at Radiance Clinic are certified for providing Botox treatment services. The Botox injection is a short procedure that gets done in just few minutes. It involves injection of the Botox into specific facial muscles using fine needle. Botox is a potent toxin and hence must be injected under appropriate conditions only by an expert. It also requires certain care to be taken by the patient a few days before and after the procedure. The patient must not consume alcohol or some medications like Aspirin or anti-inflammatories for a few weeks before the procedure as these lead to bruising during the injection. This treatment takes 3 to 7 days to show its effect and works excellently for frown lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, etc.

We At Radiance Approach Botox With 3 Important Steps :


Our experts conduct a detailed study of the skin and hair condition and get to the root cause.


Customized treatment plan including advanced technology and services for every patient depending on the expert diagnosis.


Close monitoring of treatment progress along with guidance on the right diet, medications and hair care.
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