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    “ At Radiance Clinic, our focus is on the best interests of the patients – starting from diagnosis, to looking in depth at the underlying medical implications, choosing the right treatment based on patient history and weighing the risks of any treatment before recommending it. We believe that quality comes from intelligent efforts and there is no excuse for delivering poor care. Cosmetic skin and hair treatments are very safe if done correctly and can enhance the beauty and personality of any person. They can last long effectively if done at the hands of experts in the field. Cosmetic treatments we employ come from a team of surgeons of high professional cadre and vast experience in the field. We believe in high level of patient satisfaction and no compromise on quality.”
    At Radiance, our philosophy is to restore a full head of hair to our clients using the least invasive methods that create natural looking hairlines that are undetectable.
    Nitin Barde

    Dr. Nitin Barde

    Dr. Nitin Barde comes with medical excellence and extensive experience in all types of skin and hair treatments and body enhancement. Graduating with distinction from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in July 2011, he has an excellent track record in medical and dermatological surgery.
    Throughout his training, Dr. Barde published research articles related to various skin diseases in dermatology medical journals. Dr. Nitin’s love for dermatology stem from his deep respect for human body & skin as many diseases manifest themselves through the skin. Thus, he enjoys diagnosis and treating all skin conditions from aches to psoriasis and all other chronic skin diseases.
    Dr. Barde also believes that cosmetic treatments are safe and can make you look your best at any age by rejuvenating skin and hair treatments. He specializes in hair mesotherapy and transplantations. His patients swear by his brilliance in delivering best results in a wide selection of treatments in skin treatment, hair restoration and body enhancements.
    Dr. Nitin Barde has graduated from Government Medical College, Nagpur. He has finished his post graduation from the prestigious medical college, Pune in M.D. Dermatology. He has finished his “Fellowship in Dermatosurgery” – one of a kind of fellowship in India from Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute.
    Dr. Barde has immense interest in dermatosurgery and Hair Transplant. He had the honor to receive ‘International Society of Dermatologic Surgery Statesmen Award 2014’ from founder President of International Society of Dermatologic Surgery, Dr. Perry Robins at Jerusalem, Israel. Dr. Barde also has authored many chapters in books related to Dermatosurgery and their transplantation. He has been faculty at National level conferences and workshops.

    Our Vision

    What is our top priority and distinctive feature in our Hair Transplantation Clinic is our defense for the accurate performance of “Hair Design” as a priority for “Hair Transplantation” and our belief for the need to consider “Hair Design” as an art form and act accordingly.
    In short; “Hair Transplantation” means the combination of a right “Hair Design” and “Art”. We not only promise Hair Transplantation, but also create a work of art by combining “Hair Design” with “Art”.
    We aim at becoming an international Hair Transplantation Clinic that grounds on patient satisfaction as well as professional ethics and respects the environment. We aim to constantly maximize the satisfaction of patients without straying from the quality management system while providing the patients with their dream hair.
    Radiance family approaches the patients always in a friendly, respectful and loving manner; and makes the division of labor with a good team spirit to share the success.
    We are a Hair Transplantation & Skin Clinic that not only finds customized solutions and treats the patients’s hair problems, but also covers assistive and protective additional services as required.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to become a leading, pioneer and valuable Hair Transplantation & Skin Clinic where all of our patients can entrust themselves in complete confidence and seek a professional response to their requests.
    By combining the traditional perception and understanding of “Hair Transplantation” with the necessary “Art”, we want to be able to serve at most innovative, different and highest level.
    Setting off on this journey with Radiance Anti-aging Skin Clinic, one of the most prestigious Clinic in Nagpur, we aim at improving patient satisfaction every day further by combining the latest technology and the best quality as well as friendliness and by adopting a prestigious, consistent and reliable manner.
    We target keeping up with the developments in the entire world simultaneously by keeping pace with the latest technology.
    Respecting patients’ rights and constantly monitoring the developments in medicine, we will never avoid any expenses or ethical values while helping you obtain your dream hair. In doing so, we will always keep your requests in mind.
    You will encounter a very special place the moment you step in our Hair Transplantation Clinic. We aim at contributing with confidence, quality and happiness into your lives with Dr. Nitin Barde.

    Our Values

    As the Radiance family, we contact our patients individually, listen to their opinions and take their requests into consideration. We inform our patients in a healthy way to achieve the best results. We adopt mutual trust and transparency; and always reflect the accurate information and understanding to our patients within the framework of ethical values.
    You will encounter a very special place the moment you step in our Hair Transplantation Clinic. We aim at contributing with confidence, quality and happiness into your lives with Dr. Nitin Barde.
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